• Who We Are

    Standpoint Capital is an independent equity analysis firm with a focus on value investing, quantitative analysis, and technical trading. We provide actionable ideas and research to our clients.
    “I created this company because I believed investors deserved more.”
    -Ronald Monis, CEO & Founder

  • Pre-IPO Investing

    In addition Standpoint Capital provides access to private equity funds which invests in late stage brand name pre-ipo companies like Twitter, Airbnb, Square, Spacex, etc. through our limited partner, a registered investment advisor and private equity firm.

  • Our Investment Approach

    We employ a fundamental bottom-up research process, which stresses primary due diligence and field-based research to gain conviction around our investment theses. Our focus is on identifying and distinguishing the ‘big ideas’ in every industry and defining the variables that will drive value over time.

What Others Say About Us

” With an excellent customer service and a one on one coaching, I feel more confident and educated to realize my investment objective. In only one week, I was able to recover from my loss, pay for the annual subscription, and make a lot of profit!!! Standpoint Capital is the best firm on the internet with an unbelievable success rate. Their approach combines fundamental and technical approach which makes their stocks and options pick so successful . It will fit with any type of investor. Give it a try, you will not regret it. Only result matters in the stock market. Standpoint Capital has the result and the passion to drive you to your financial independence.”

Naoufel T

” If you’re interested in receiving excellent trading expertise & want to belong to an interactive chat room, I would highly recommend Standpoint Capital. I am making “consistent” profits and receiving valuable trade advice and guidance. Absolutely no regrets! Ron answers each of our individual questions beginning with the premarket huddle and through out our trading day. Ron has been accurate in recommending the best trades, letting us know when to take our profits (“spot on” as we say in the trading room) …..and very happily I can say NO LOSES! Keep up the good work Ron….. your’re a keeper!”

Liz J

” Standpoint Capital, chaired by Ron Monis, has provided me confidence in my trading for the first time. Ron is very patient, awaiting his position entry range levels, with precision. Recommendations are quite precise. He generously shares his ideas with the members and answers questions as they are raised. I feel priviledged to be a part of this elite group.”

David L

” I had lost 50% of my portfolio value. Tried other services where people do options SPREADS. Didn’t work for me. Without your help, I’d have never shorted/PUTS the market. But your ability to analyze the market & to time the trade is perfect. I have gained 20% in a week’s time. Wish I’d joined earlier. It’s never too late. Enjoying this journey with you.”


” I have found the service very helpful and Ron’s trades on stocks and options are incredible. Have learned a lot about trading options with the Pro Trading Room and Ron, he’s a great trader and very easy to understand. All you have to do is listen and follow along. “


Hey Ron, I want you to know that my small jinxed acct started the week with $3900 bled down from $30k since 4/1/13 before I joined. In just 2 trading days, it’s just under $11k. You’re amazing. Total gain today $62k!

Dr. Clark

Airbnb Pre-IPO Fund

After the successful IPO of Twitter where our investors were able to buy at $17-23 a share pre-ipo, we are now ready to accept qualified investor funds for our Airbnb pre-ipo fund! For details and other inquiries please Contact Us

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